Cleaning or disinfecting a cleanroom is not a janitorial function; it is a technical task for experts.CleanTech Systems has the proven expertise, experience and capabilities to manage your contamination control needs, meeting or exceeding the regulatory standards that protect your cleanroom environments. With each customer, CleanTech maintains a fully documented quality control program that is ISO compliant.

Our expertly trained cleaning technicians:
  • Understand the ISO and IEST standards for cleanroom cleaning.
  • Maintain detailed, FDA compliant documentation and records.
  • Know your SOPs, equipment, chemicals and unique requirements.
  • Are consistent. With competitive pay and benefits we achieve low turnover rates.
  • Are triple-screened with ADP background checks.
  • Are fluent in English for important on-site communications.
  • Are supervised, monitored and re-trained on a yearly basis.

Quick Company Facts:

  • 100% FDA Audit Compliant
  • 100% ISO Compliant
  • Safety MOD Rate of .93

Employee Retention Rate:

  • Managers 100% since inception
  • Supervisors 95% since inception
  • Cleanroom Cleaners approx 95%

CleanTech Executive Brief:


“CleanTech was an important part of our aseptic validation.”


-Gordon Ashton, Director of Manufacturing Operations at Anika Therapeutics

Your Cleanroom… Your Profits… Our Priority